Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dream & Nightmare

both are digital Print in Giclet 30x30.

This digital paitings are currently on the third floor of the Normandie Hotel, San Juan PR part of Galerias Prinardi collection.
It's part of UNDO's collective show "Sueños & Pesadillas" (March 3, 2008)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Abstract Triptych: Untitled

My first attemp to make an abstract and it was sold before I even finished it. Oils on 10"x 10" gallery canvas.

Michelle the Dancer

She's one of my favorite models in Ringling, she was a ballet dancer and had the body to prove it. Her poses were always gracefull and beautiful. These pieces where part of a Collective Exhibition in the late 508 Gallery in Downtown Sarasota, Fl. I'm almost sure it was February 1999. Believe it or not this were 20 minute poses. Oils on 8"x10" masonite board.

Barco de Papel

I made this illustration a for an unknown spanish pop rock band. They never used it but many people think it's brilliant. I love the way it looks on my office. Oil on 10"x 10" gallery canvas.

College work

I went to Ringling from 1996-2000 and graduated with a BFA in the Dept. of Illustration. During those glorious years, I did the awesome discovery that I love to paint. Although, I hardly do it lately. Painting even gets emotional for me. All of those were made with oils on 8"x 10" masonite boards, only the bottle of Il Baccio was made with acrylics on 8"x 10" illustration board.

Love me bunny

Detail of Love me Bunny, oil painting in gallery canvas 24"x24".

El pitirre

Just for fun watercolor in a 4x6 watercolor paper.

Illustrations for the French Alliance of PR

L'Aliance offers French classes to adults and even babies. Is never too early or too late to learn a new language. They asked me to design or illustrate some icons for the Bébé Alliance and those were the favorite ones. The icons were draw in pencil and ink and painted in Photoshop. Below them is a piece I called "Tv Runner" made for a poster advertising their annual "Noire Publicitair" That's a oil painting on illustration board, 18x24".

Paintings for AmEx project

oil on illustration board, 18x24"

A couple of years ago, AmEx wanted something new for their Annual Christmas Sale at Plaza Las Americas. I met with the client and suggested the topic of a childish christmas. AmEx is very political correct so I couldn't use any christian imagenery. I presented the three pieces and after a hard decition they used the toys and the christmas tree, but I had to eliminate the ornaments from the tree. The image of the tree was used all over the mall in gigantic banners.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Real State Stationary

This was a fun project since I was given complete freedom in the design. The client is a very sweet and quirky character so I tranfer that for her pieces.

Project Starbucks Liquour

Nestor Fuentes, an awesome art director and good friend, did this while he was in Miami Ad School. I did the illustrations for him. The final illustrations were made in oils on primed 18x24" illustration board. This is how he explains the ads, "Starbuck's new coffee liqueur was perceived as a girly drink. So we wrote some stories about some very freaky, long nights. After all, nothing good comes out of the mix alcohol and espresso."